Meet Minny and Denis

News| 9th October 2023
Meet Minny and Denis
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Koon Hong has been serving up delicious Chinese cuisine at affordable prices at Nepean Village since 2010. Whether it’s their special fried rice or honey chicken, you’re sure to find something tasty at Koon Hong. We caught up with mother and son duo Minny and Denis to find out more about what sets Koon Hong apart and what they enjoy most about working in the local Nepean community.

How long have you worked at Nepean Village?
We've been located at the centre for a duration of 13 years.

How did you end up working at Nepean Village?
Minny has been serving takeaways for more than three decades, and as a mother and son duo, we cherish our role within the center's community.

Tell us about your day-to-day life at Koon Hong.
We commence our cooking process at 7:30 AM to ensure that we serve food to our customers before lunch. Afterwards, we initiate the extensive preparations for the following day.

Can you tell us about anything unique to Koon Hong that you provide to your customers?
Throughout the years, we've adapted and incorporated various foods based on customer requests, consistently striving to accommodate their specific preferences.

Are there any unique products that customers can find at Koon Hong?
We aim to maintain a diverse and budget-friendly menu, enabling customers to enjoy something new with each visit.

Do you have any dishes that people ask for, but you’re not essentially known for?
Customers frequently approach us with requests for particular dishes they've experienced elsewhere, and whenever possible, we make every effort to recreate those dishes to their satisfaction.

What do you enjoy the most about working at Koon Hong in Nepean Village?
We eagerly anticipate each day as an opportunity to be an integral part of the community and witness the happiness of our loyal customers.

What’s so special about this centre and the community?
The centre offers great support, and the community is exceptionally warm and welcoming, creating a sense of an extended family.

Is there a particular experience with a customer that has stuck with you?
Minny enjoys engaging in conversations with our regular customers, and some even share photos of their families during significant milestones like birthdays and weddings. Over the years, she has witnessed their children's growth from infancy and toddlerhood into young adults, which brings us immense joy.

What is the vibe in your workplace with your colleagues?
We take pleasure in sharing jokes and creating a joyful atmosphere in our shop; it truly feels like one big family.

What do you like to do when you are not working?

Occasionally, when we're not occupied with work, we cherish spending valuable moments with our children and grandchildren in the great outdoors. Additionally, Minny happens to be one of seven siblings, so we relish the opportunity to host large family gatherings whenever feasible.

Make sure you stop by Koon Hong, located in the Food Court next time you’re in Nepean Village.

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