Mama Lana's Donation Drop Zone

We’re supporting Mama Lana’s Community Foundation again this year with our Donation Drop Zone, located next to Vivid Dollar & Kmart.

We are now collecting non-perishable food, household and personal care items, all of which will be donated directly to Mama Lana’s Community Foundation.

Items requested this year are:

***IMPORTANT CONDITION: All items to be in new, unopened condition.***
NON-PERISHABLE FOOD Bottled Water, Canned Tuna, Simmer Sauces (Chicken Tonight, Kan Tong), Fruit Juice Poppers, Instant Coffee, Milo, Museli Bars, Pasta, Pasta Sauce, Rice and Sugar.
HOUSEHOLD / PERSONAL CARE Baby Wipes, Nappies/Pull-Ups, Cleaning Products (for Kitchen & Bathroom), Laundry Powders, Toiletries and Toilet Paper.

Collections conclude Wednesday 25 September 2019 at 5.30pm. For more information or to find out how you can further support Mama Lana's Community Foundation, click here.